Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Ah the joys of posting all my business on the internet for everyone to see. I really do enjoy being this transparent. First of all let me apologize again for not doing this sooner. There are many things that were not documented in my past year of living in Japan that really should have been, but I’m picking up the slack and showing you the best of a winter in Japan.

This winter started off with a visit from New Zealand. My buddy Dave works with a Kiwi. This guys friend came for a two-week visit to see what he could see so I tagged along. First on the list was Koya san (Honorable Koya Mountain) This is the where one sect of Buddhism took root in Japan. Many of the buildings here are close to a thousand years old. We stayed at one of the many monasteries on the mountain where we were treated to vegetarian Buddhist dinner and breakfast followed by chanting for an hour at 6 AM.


Rock Garden


It took 5 hours to get back home but we decided dinner and karaoke were both a good idea. Karaoke is kind of a big thing in Japan, in case you didn't already know. It was a decent night, although I still don't understand why everyone is so obsessed with Linkin Park.???
Karaoke with Yoshiko and Bevin

Check 1

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The first

So I know I should have done this about 2 years ago but I finally caved and decided to write a blog on my life in Japan. I just realized that I have too much going on over these next 2 months not to write about it. Soon I will be updating you on all the great things in Japan. Any thing from a crazy party weekend in Tokyo to a naked man festival in the middle of winter. Expect the unexpected and then some. Hope to have something good soon.

-Japan Jason